Welcome to our web page catalog. We specialize in garden tractor custom components and accessories made for the older International Harvester Cub Cadet garden tractors. However, most components work well on other makes of tractors that are powered by Kohler or Onan engines. These include John Deere, Ariens, Bolens, Case, Allis, Ford, Gravely, Jacobsen, and Wheel Horse.

The ignition system components are our specialty. These products have been garden tractor Pull Proven; that is, tested under the demands of competition tractor pulling. They've also been bench tested for thousands of hours to assure reliability in every-day mowing applications. Many satisfied customers attest to improved, consistent performance with vastly increased running time between tune-ups. The Trandenser II ignition modules are unconditionally guaranteed for one year against failure. Should you be dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the module for exchange or full refund your choice.

Company History


I've been an IH Cub Cadet enthusiast for many years and have developed or discovered the components listed on this site to improve the performance and reliability of my tractors. All of the items shown have, or are currently, operating on my Cub Cadet 1250 that is used year-round. Friends showed interest in purchasing these components and thus Kirk Engines, Inc. was formed. This is a hobby business and I'm not available for phone orders, thus please conduct all correspondence via email. I may be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the catalog. I'm happy to answer questions about any of the products listed here, or just engine/tractor questions in general. All I ask is that you don't put me on a "mass mailing" list, don't forward a chain mail letter to me, don't send jokes (I've seen them all), or send large picture or video files. Legitimate questions are always welcomed.

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Company News


Unfortunately, some price increases are necessary for 2018. Parts costs, postage, packaging, and PayPal fees have all increased over the past year. Taxes on small businesses will be going up as well due to the revised laws. I make every effort to keep prices as low as possible, yet I must make some profit to keep this business viable.

Please note that I attempt to answer every e-mail in a timely fashion. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please check your spam folder...chances are you'll find me there. I also receive at least one inquiry per month where the sender's e-mail address is entered improperly and my reply bounces. Make sure that your e-mail address is valid.

Remember, this is a hobby business. Be patient - this is no big-box retailer. Every attempt is made to get your order shipped right away but sometimes delays occur due to demands of my "real job".

Available Products

Trandenser II Electronic Ignition System


Due to the miniaturization of transistorized circuits of high current capability, a complete electronic ignition system can now be made to fit in an enclosure no bigger than a conventional ignition capacitor! The Trandenser II is designed using IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology to offer an unparalleled ignition performance upgrade to your Kohler or Onan engine that employs a battery-breaker point ignition system. The Trandenser II replaces the condenser, installing into the original condenser clamp. Breaker point current is reduced from 2 amps down to 150 milliamps allowing points to last virtually the life of the engine. The rapid switching capability of IGBT technology allows for greater energy delivered to the spark plug. The result is a system offering improved all-weather starting, vastly extended breaker point life, improved running quality throughout the engine operational range, and is packaged such that installation is a breeze! An integral LED static timing light provides a simple way of setting ignition timing precisely.

IGBT circuits have been developed for, and are widely used in the automotive field for ignition systems and fuel injector drivers. For those interested in this technology, see http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slua169/slua169.pdf for a thorough technical description.

The Trandenser II module is designed to work with 12 volt ignition coils that have a primary resistance of 3.0 to 6.0 ohms. Most all of the stock ignition coils fall into this range. If your coil is an aftermarket replacement or uses an external ballast resistor as some Onan systems do, check primary resistance by measuring across the (+) and (-) terminals of the coil using an ohm meter. The use of aftermarket coils with resistance values lower than 3.0 ohms will cause the module to fail. Be safe - if in doubt, check before ordering. The Trandenser II is fully compatible with all of the ignition coils that we sell.

For Onan engine applications, the Trandenser must be mounted externally from the original condenser location (points box) due to thermal reasons. This will require the Trandenser II Mounting Clamp as listed below.

We are proud to offer this cutting-edge ignition system technology at a very reasonable price and with an unconditional 1-year warranty.

Click Here for Trandenser II Instructions and Schema

Trandenser II Electronic Ignition System price each - $35.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Trandenser II Mounting Clamp


For those requiring a condenser clamp to mount the Trandenser II, these high-quality loop clamps are available. This clamp is a necessity for Onan applications as the Trandenser must be mounted external to the engine (not in the original points box location). These hard-to-find clamps are made of steel to resist vibrational-induced failures and are galvanized to prevent corrosion. Mounting is via a single, .250 diameter screw (not included). If your current condenser clamp is in poor shape or missing, you will need this clamp to properly mount the Trandenser.

Trandenser II Mounting Clamp price each - $3.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Bosch Blue Ignition Coil


Finest coil available for the single-cylinder Kohler!

From competition pulling tractors to those used just for mowing, the Bosch Blue sets the standard in ignition reliability and high performance. Internally potted for vibration resistance, these coils are quality manufactured by one of the oldest and most reputable automotive electrical names in the business, Robert Bosch. Primary resistance is 3.2 - 3.5 ohms, which is slightly lower than the standard equipment Delco coil. This means the Blue draws more current (for a hotter spark) but can be used as an exact replacement coil using stock condenser and breaker points. No additional ballast resistor required.

Comes complete with plated mounting clamp and removable spade terminals on both primary posts. And it's finished in the classic electric blue paint that lets everyone know you're running the best! For use on all Kohler K-Series single cylinder engines equipped with battery ignition.

Bosch Blue Ignition Coil price each - $65.00 plus $12.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Clone Coil


Here is an economical alternative to the Bosch Blue coil. The Clone Coil is made especially for us by a major U.S. manufacturer and is an exact duplicate of the Bosch coil in every respect. Featuring the same primary-to-secondary turns ratio and wire gauge, the Clone offers the same 3.2 – 3.5 ohms primary resistance and secondary voltage output and is designed for use on 12 volt systems without the need for a ballast resistor. Internally, the coil is a potted design (contains no oil) and thus is highly resistant to vibration-induced failures. The black color looks perfect on those restored tractors where an original appearance is desired. A bright-plated coil clamp is included and removable double spade connector terminals are furnished on each primary post. This coil is perfectly suited for operation with conventional breaker point ignition or for use with the PointSaver.

Clone Coil price each - $50.00 plus $12.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Dual SuperCoil for Kohler and Onan Opposed Twins


Why pay over $120.00 for a factory replacement coil when this high quality part is available for less than half the price? The Dual SuperCoil is made especially to our specifications and is wound with a high resistance primary of 6.1 ohms for improved performance, yet is not detrimental to breaker point life. No external ballast resistor is required. Epoxy-potted windings yield maximum resistance to vibration. This coil is intended for 12 volt battery-breaker points systems only...will not work on the factory breakerless ignition systems. It functions perfectly with the Trandenser and is a highly-recommended combination. Made by a major coil manufacturer.

Dual SuperCoil for Kohler and Onan Opposed Twins price each - $65.00 plus $12.00 Priority Mail Shipping

High-Performance Ignition Wire


We've teamed up with a manufacturer of ignition wiring components to offer this highest quality sparkplug wire for small engines. The wire consists of a 19-strand, tinned copper conductor (rated at zero ohms resistance per foot!), insulated by polyester reinforced tape that's covered by a silicone jacket. Offering safe operation up to 450F, this wire is ideal for all air-cooled engine applications. The minimal resistance provided by a metal conductor assures the highest electrical energy transfer from coil to sparkplug. Length is 18 inches boot-to-boot and fits virtually all single and twin-cylinder Kohler and Onan engine applications. Comes fitted with a 90 degree spark plug boot and straight coil boot. This complete wire assembly replaces the stock part perfectly and costs less, too. Put the finishing touch on your ignition system by installing this important component.

Please note - Furnished in 18 in length with yellow-colored insulator only. Measure your engine's requirements before ordering.

High-Performance Ignition Wire price each - $8.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Genuine Kohler Breaker Points


Finally, we've found a supplier for this important component. Don't install a Trandenser II without replacing breaker points - old, oxidized and pitted points handicap the operation of the module right from the beginning. These are the genuine article, made to Kohler's high quality standards. Part number is 47 150 03-S which fit all Kohler K-series single and twin-cylinder engines.

Genuine Kohler Breaker Points price each - $15.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Breaker Points & Cover Retaining Screw Kit


Ever try replacing breaker points then drop one of those factory supplied, slotted head screws down into the depths of the tractor, never to be found again? This handy kit will greatly reduce the chance of that happening. It consists of four socket head cap screws (Allen screws) and lock washers. By using an Allen wrench, the chance of dropping these is greatly reduced. Plus, more tightening torque can be applied, lessening the chance of loosening in service. For all Kohler single cylinder K-series engines.

Breaker Points & Cover Retaining Screw Kit price each - $2.00 plus $2.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Kohler 15 Amp Rectifier-Regulator


Brand-new voltage rectifier-regulators as used on Kohler AQS engines equipped with flywheel alternators. The 15 amp system is that used on most garden tractor applications. This regulator was also used on many Magnum and Command series Kohler engines. It replaces the following Kohler part numbers:

25 403 03 : 25 403 03-S : 25 755 03 : 25 755 03-S : 41 403 01 : 41 403 03 :

41 403 04 : 41 403 03-S : 41 403 05 : 41 403 06 : 41 403 06-S : 41 403 08 :

41 403 08-S : 41 403 09 : 41 403 09-S : 41 403 10 : 41 403 10-S

Note: This regulator will not work on those engines equipped with starter-generators.

Kohler 15 Amp Rectifier-Regulator price each - $20.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Facet Solid State Electronic Fuel Pump


Don't rebuild or replace that expensive and unreliable mechanical fuel pump when you can update to this! The Facet Electronic Fuel Pump (sometimes referred to as the "cube" pump) is the most reliable and compact alternative available today. Perfect for any lawn and garden tractor application, this pump offers a 7 GPH flow rate at 1-2 psi delivery pressure, just right for Kohler and Onan carburetors. The tailored output pressure will not override the sensitive float needle seat force, a common problem when using automotive-type electric pumps. Both inlet and outlet ports are tapped for 1/8" pipe thread fittings (not supplied).

The solid state design ensures longer life when compared to other electric and mechanical pumps. It eliminates hot weather vapor lock problems and faster engine starting in cold weather due to virtually instant fuel delivery as soon as the key is switched on...no more extended cranking just to prime the carburetor bowl! Easily installed with instructions supplied. For 12 volt negative ground electrical systems only.

Facet Solid State Electronic Fuel Pump price each - $55.00 plus $11.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Bosch In-Line Fuel Filter


Highest quality, in-line fuel filter as made by Bosch. These disposable filters feature combination 1/4" and 5/16" diameter stepped hose barbs at each end. They are designed to function with both gravity and fuel pump-supplied fuel systems. If using the Facet Electronic Fuel Pump, a fuel filter is a necessity to be installed between the fuel tank and pump. This compact, reasonably-priced filter is highly recommended.

Bosch In-Line Fuel Filter price each - $6.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Billet Aluminum Covers Set for Kohler K-Series


Billet Aluminum Breather Cover allows remote routing of breather gasses, keeping exterior of engine clean. Unrestricted passage lets engine breathe more freely. The Billet Aluminum Fuel Pump Cover matches breather cover perfectly, for that detailed, quality look. Both covers are made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy. Available only in a high quality, powder coated flat black finish due to customer requests.

For use on Kohler K241 (10 hp), K301 (12 hp), K321 (14 hp), and K341 (16 hp) single cylinder engines only. Made in U. S. A.

Breather Cover price each - $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping

Fuel Pump Cover price each - $12.00 plus $5.00 shipping

Billet Aluminum Covers Set for Kohler K-Series price each - $35.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Crankshaft Balance Plate Kit


Have you removed balance gears from your K-series engine and discovered that it now vibrates with newfound gusto? Or have you thought about buying a newer, twin-cylinder tractor just to get rid of the single-cylinder shakes? This modification will greatly reduce transmitted vibration, making your K-series engine run noticeably smoother, restoring both your faith in Kohler and the feeling in your hands and feet.

A 50% RBF (Reciprocating Balance Factor) is a good compromise in reducing transmitted vibrations from a single-cylinder engine. For reasons unknown, Kohler engineers under-balanced these engines (only 29% RBF on the K301) such that they transmit unnecessarily high unresolved reciprocating forces about the vertical axis. Installing the Crankshaft Balance Plate Kit restores a 50% RBF to the engine, making for a much reduced vibration signature. The improvement in crankshaft balance yields lower main bearing loads contributing to longer engine life, reduced transmitted vibrations, and greater operator comfort.

This inexpensive kit requires simple and straight-forward machining of your crankshaft which can be done at a local machine shop in usually less than one hour. Or, if your personal shop is equipped with a mill and drill press, you can easily do it yourself. No further balancing of the crankshaft assembly is required if installed per the instructions. The kit consists of a precision formed, high-quality steel Balance Plate, two grade 8 mounting screws, and detailed instructions. This modification is for Kohler K301, K321, and K341 single-cylinder engines only.

Click Here for Balance Plate Instructions

Crankshaft Balance Plate Kit price each - $20.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Float Bowl for Kohler or Carter Carburetors


This is a brand new, steel float bowl that will replace your original, aluminum bowl perfectly. Plated in bright cadmium, it will not rust or corrode and is much more dent-resistant than the original. Looks great too. A must for any rebuilt carburetor.

Float Bowl for Kohler or Carter Carburetors price each - $7.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Muffler Crutch


Attention owners of tractors powered by Kohler AQS model engines...

Tired of repairing or replacing that expensive aluminum muffler baffle frame casting that always cracks?

Fed up with welding, replacing, or otherwise tightening muffler parts that always seem loose?

Can't stand those annoying rattles that you can't trace down?

There now exists a fix - the Muffler Crutch.

This quality, heavy gauge steel brace takes the load off the overhung end of the muffler and transmits it into the engine block fastener, relieving the stress on the baffle casting. No more cracks or rattles. Simple installation - just bolts into existing holes. No drilling or welding necessary. Supplied unpainted. For use on Kohler AQS models K241 (10 hp), K301 (12 hp), K321 (14 hp), and K341 (16 hp) single cylinder engines only. Made in U. S. A.

Muffler Crutch price each - $20.00 plus $8.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Nylock Air Filter Wing Nut For Kohler and Onan Engines


Nylock Air Filter Wing Nut For Kohler Engines

A loose air filter housing allows dirt to enter engine. Don't take a chance - replace that stock, stamped tin fastener with a heavy duty, high quality, self-locking wing nut.

These are die cast, bright cadmium-plated nuts with a nylon insert to ensure secure retention. They look nice, too. Thread size is 1/4 - 20. Replaces original perfectly.

Nylock Air Filter Wing Nut For Kohler and Onan Engines price each - $1.50 plus $2.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Deluxe Side Cover Retainer Knobs


Attention Cub Cadet Quietline Owners - Deluxe Side Cover Retainer Knobs

Ever feel that those factory-supplied thumb screws were just not up to the job? Here is the perfect replacement.

These three-lobe knobs are molded in black phenolic plastic and are large enough that you can get a real grip on them, even with gloves on. Very practical and they look great too. Sold in sets of two each with bright plated fender washers included. For the hydro purists, these match the hydro lever speed limiter knob exactly.

It's a nice, quality upgrade that your Cub Cadet deserves.

Deluxe Side Cover Retainer Knobs price each - $6.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

IH Cub Cadet Stainless Foot Tread Screw Set


Why not dress up your tractor with this nice set of foot tread screws? These are bright stainless steel, button head socket screws with stainless washers that will never rust or corrode. And if you ever need to remove them, it's a snap - only tool required is an Allen wrench. They won't rust in place like the original mild steel, slotted head screws did. This set consists of 8 screws and washers, enough for both right and left side foot treads.

IH Cub Cadet Stainless Foot Tread Screw Set price each - $6.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

IH Cub Cadet Hood Edge Strip


Here is a practical accessory that not only improves the looks of your tractor, but it eliminates annoying rattles as well. The Hood Edge Strip is a soft, flexible, textured black vinyl plastic edge trim with a metal core. It easily installs in minutes - trim to exact length and just press into place. Sold in 28 inch lengths which fit virtually all models of IH Cubs. For other tractor brands requiring different lengths, I will custom cut to the dimension you specify. Reupholstering your seat? This trim is an exact replacement.

IH Cub Cadet Hood Edge Strip price each - $6.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for all Kohler K-series Engines


Next best thing to a full flow oil filter!

The single cylinder Kohler K-series engines are splash lubricated. As no oil pump is used, there is no easy way to adapt an oil filter. Thus, stray ferrous metal particles remain suspended in the oil until it is changed. These contaminants can damage both plain and rolling element bearings, shortening engine life. A magnetic drain plug will attract these harmful particles and prevent them from circulating, thus protecting bearings and keeping oil cleaner. It's like having a perpetual oil filter - simply wipe off particles during an oil change, then reinstall.

These plugs are fitted with a powerful ceramic disc magnet, offering high strength with large surface area. You'll be amazed at how much metal they collect between oil changes, especially on freshly rebuilt engines.

Size is 3/8 - 18 taper pipe thread, commonly used on many small engines. This plug also fits Kohler AQS (Quietline) engines that use a flanged 3/8 - 18 straight thread plug. You'll find the taper thread eliminates leaks and there's no finicky gasket to replace.

Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for all Kohler K-series Engines price each - $3.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Heavy-Duty Steering Tie-Rod End Kit


Here is an easy to install upgrade that greatly improves the steering on IH Cub Cadets. These high quality heavy duty rod ends feature chrome plated ball-on-sintered bronze bearing construction, lubricated for life for maintenance-free operation. The large surface area is many times that of original equipment rod ends, allowing a vast increase in life and reducing "slop" in the steering system - permanently!

The kit consists of 4 heavy-duty rod ends (2 for tie rod, 2 for steering rod) 4 nylock nuts and washers for ball studs, and 4 jam nuts and washers for the rods. Combine this kit with the Cub Cadet SuperSteer kit and experience a new dimension in ease of steering and handling.


I guarantee that you'll never have to replace these parts again for the life of your tractor. For all IH Cub Cadet garden tractors and other brands using 3/8 X 24 threaded rod ends.

Heavy-Duty Steering Tie-Rod End Kit price each - $50.00 plus $8.00 Priority Mail Shipping

Cub Cadet SuperSteer Upgrade Kit


Ever wish you had power steering on your IH Cub? This simple modification will lessen steering effort immensely by reducing friction. The stock steering box uses a grease-lubricated washer that rides against the housing, taking all thrust loads. This kit replaces the friction-causing washer with a ball-thrust bearing, a clever retrofit discovered by Donald Mayes. As these parts are external to the steering box, this is one of the easiest modifications to perform, taking about 1/2 hour to complete.

Kit consists of a NICE 605 ball thrust bearing, precision steel shim washer, and quality Nylock jam nut. Instructions on installation and adjusting are included. For IH Cub Cadets models 70 through 169, 800 through 1650 Quietlines, and all 82 series.

Click Here for SuperSteer Instructions

Cub Cadet SuperSteer Upgrade Kit price each - $14.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

The Battery Mat


The scientific method to protect your tractor from destructive battery acid leaks.

Here is a very clever product that is now available for lawn and garden tractor applications. Made of a super absorbent polypropylene needle-punch felt, The Battery Mat contains powerful neutralizing agents that render leaking or spilled acid harmless. Due to the compliant nature of the material, Battery Mat also provides a cushion to the underside of your battery, lessening destructive impact forces and thus contributing to longer battery life. Furnished size is 7.75 by 8.25 inches, large enough for all small tractor batteries. The Battery Mat is easily trimmed to size using a utility knife and straight edge, or a pair of ordinary scissors.

Don't take a chance on nasty battery acid ruining your paint job or rusting your battery box! Let The Battery Mat protect your valuable machinery.

A Patented, Made in U. S. A. Product.

The Battery Mat price each - $6.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping